Vinod V Sople

Logistics Management : The Supply Chain Imperative - 3 - Uttar Pradesh Pearson India Education Services Pvt Ltd 2022 - 537 p. PB 23x16 cm.

Logistics management, 3/e is essential for creating value for both customers and stakeholders. Effective Logistic chains help organizations to compete in both global and domestic markets. The book addresses these issues in 5 parts, which deal with the basics of Logistics, Logistics Mix, Strategic approaches in managing logistics, Logistics controls and cases. The author has used diagrams and examples for students to better appreciate the concepts.

1. Logistics – At the Center Of World Trade
2. Customer Service – A Key Element in Logistics Strategy
3. Logistics– As a Source of Competitive Advantage for the Supply Chain
4. Warehousing – A Role Beyond Storage
5. Material Handling Systems -For Exploiting Productivity Potential in Logistics
6. Storage Systems - For Space Efficiency and Storage Density
7. Inventory Management - For Lean Supply Chain
8. Transportation – The Backbone of Logistics
9. Logistical Packaging - For Safe Product Movement, Handling and Storage
10. Logistics Information System -A Vehicle for Supply Chain Competitiveness
11. Logistics Design for Distribution Channels -To Create Time & Space Utilities of Product to the Customers
12. Logistics Outsourcing -An Emerging Trend
13. E-Commerce Logistics - More Challenging Than Ever
14. Technology– A Pervasive Factor in Logistics Fulfillment
15. Reverse Logistics - A new wave
16. Global Logistics– A Pervasive Role in Wheeling International Trade
17. Strategic Logistics – Looking Beyond the Basics
18. Performance Measurements and Controls - To Track and Improve the Health of Supply Chain
19. Government Policies and Regulations– For Industry Growth, Customer Protection and Operational Controls
20. Logistics Costing - Impacting Product Profitability
21. Quantitative Techniques – For Optimization in Logistics
22. Logistics Organization – Bridging Business Aspirations through Implementation
23. Green Logistics – Journey Towards Sustainability
24. Cases


Supply Chain Mangaement
Storage Density

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