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100 _aS Hussain Zaidi
245 _aR A W Hitman : The Real Story of Agent Lima
260 _aLondon
_bSimon and Schuster
300 _a260 p.
_c21x14 cm.
365 _aBLCR-000024
520 _aIn September 2011, the double murder of gangsters Raju Pargai and Amit Arya rocked the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Pargai, who was well on his way to become a national security threat by smuggling weapons into India, had risen up the ranks of criminal quickly—but that also made him the target of Indian intelligence agencies, which then ordered the covert assassin named 'Agent Lima' to put him down. The day after the murder, Laxman 'Lucky' Bisht—an NSG commando who had also been the personal security officer for politicians such as L.K. Advani and then CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi—was arrested from his home in Haldwani, accused of the double murder. Thereafter begins a tale shrouded in mystery and suspense. Was Agent Lima and Lucky Bisht one and the same person? And if they were not the same person, why did Lucky Bisht languish in prison for more than five years, being transported from jail to jail, his bail application denied, if he was working for the government?
650 _aCrime Story
650 _aReal Story
650 _aAgent Lima
700 _aZAIDI (S Hussain)
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