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100 _aGareth Moore
245 _aTrain the Brain use it or lose it
_bExercises, tests and puzzles to keep your brain super fit
260 _aLondon
_bMichael O'Mara Books
300 _a190p.
365 _2General
520 _aGet your brain in gear and turn back the clock! Scientific research has shown that exercising your brain by tackling simple, short challenges is a great way for adults to sharpen the mind, improve the memory and offset the brain's aging process. Your brain is just like any other muscle - you have to use it, or lose it! Packed full of logic and reasoning puzzles, simple maths tests and conundrums, Train the Brain is guaranteed to satisfy every puzzle addict who needs a new challenge. The nation's appetite for puzzles is insatiable and Train the Brain offers new material to challenge minds and keep brains superfit. The variety of mental challenges in Train the Brain grow more difficult as the book progresses, providing an ideal mental workout to keep those synapses snapping.
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