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100 _aAlan Cruse
245 _aMeaning in Language:An Introduction to semantics and Pragmatics
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_bOxford University Press
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520 _aThis book provides a comprehensive introduction to the ways in which meaning is conveyed in language, covering not only semantic matters but also topics normally considered to fall under pragmatics. Above all, the book displays and explains the richness and subtlety of meaning, with the aid of numerous examples and exercises throughout the text. Highly readable, written with style and wit, Meaning in Language is not bound to any particular theory, but provides explanations of theoretical approaches and perspectives as the context requires, with a stress throughout on the need for conceptual clarity. The text and exercises in this third edition have been fully updated to take into account the most recent developments in the field and new chapters have been added, one on the semantics of prepositions and another on the semantics of derivational affixes. Table of Contents Part 1 Fundamental Notions 1:Introduction 2:Logic and Meaning 3:Concepts and Meaning Part 2 Words and Their Meanings 4:Lexical Units 5:Contextual Variability of Word Meaning 6:Paradigmatic Relations of Inclusion and Identity 7:Paradigmatic Relations of Exclusion and Opposition 8:Lexical Hierarchies 9:Syntagmatic Semantic Relations 10:Describing Lexical Senses 1: Dimensions and Structures 11:Describing lexical Senses 2: Approaches to the Specification of Word Meanings 12:Extensions of Meaning Part 3 Grammatical Meaning 13:Grammatical Meaning: Nouns and Noun Phrases 14:Argument Structure and Transitivity 15:Grammatical Meaning: Verbs and Adjectives 16:The Semantics of Prepositions 17:The Semantics of Derivational Affixes part 4 Pragmatics 18:Speech Acts 19:Reference and Deixis 20:Conversational Implicatures Epilogue Answers to Questions References Author Index Subject Index
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700 _aCRUSE (Alan)
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