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100 _aAndy Paul
245 _aSell without selling out:a guide to success on your own terms
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520 _aPersuasion is not a sales skill—it’s a blunt instrument of last resort that sellers use when they don’t know how to influence the choices their buyers make. It’s the weapon of choice for mindless, uninspired sellers: the sales zombies who have stopped learning and stopped improving. Wouldn’t you rather learn how to master the art of selling in, by listening to what your buyers really want? In Sell without Selling Out, global sales guru, top podcaster, and entrepreneur Andy Paul shows you how to take charge of your own career without selling out to outdated, ineffective sales methods. He reveals the four Sell In pillars that are the indispensable instruments of selling: Connection, Curiosity, Understanding, Generosity. Everything else is mostly a combination of product features, technical specifications and pricing, which your buyers can get from the Internet. What they seek (and deserve) can only come from you: the human seller. If you’ve been told you need to be more “salesy” to get ahead in your career, you need this book.
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