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100 _aPrakash Chandra
245 _aIndian Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks: An Exploratory Survey
_bInsights into Indian National Parks
260 _aNew Delhi
_bCyber Tech Publications
300 _aviii,254 p.
_c22x14 cm.
365 _2Zoology
440 _vVol.2
520 _aIn this encyclopaedic study in two volumes, we have gathered vitaL information on different wildlife sanctuaries, reserves and national parks, representing varied faunal and floral biodiversity. These are arranged region-wise for convenience, information on location, geography, climate, fauna and flora. management, threats and problems, accessibility, ecotourism of each entry is furnished in coherent manner. The information is grouped under two separate volumes: India: Biodiversity and Wildlife Sanctuaries and Insights into Indian National Parks Students, researchers and academics in the field of zoology, forestry, botany, wildlife and geography will find this of utmost use. Besides these, policy planners and administrators will find this equally useful.
650 _aNational Parks
650 _aNational Parks In Northeast India
700 _aCHANDRA (Prakash)
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