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NTA UGC NET/JRF/SET: Computer Science and Applications Paper 2 - New Delhi Arihant Publications 2023 - 1127p. PB 26x21cm

UGC NET is a national-level exam conducted by NTA to certify the eligibility of candidates for the post of ‘Assistant Professor’ or ‘Junior Research Fellowship’. The aspirants must check the exam pattern and latest syllabus to reserve their seats for the aforementioned post. To make yourself exam ready, take hold on the updated and revised edition of “NTA UGC NET/JRF/SET PAPER-2 Computer Science & Applications, which has been designed as a complete package for the aspiring candidates of UGC NET in Computer Science & Applications. This book provides exhaustive, crisp text resources and an enormous question bank with answers to help aspirants for passing the exam on the first attempt. Prepared as per the latest syllabus applicable from June 2019, the separate study material has been given as per the latest syllabus. This book caters to all aspirants' requirements and makes them do well in the NTA UGC exam. 1. A complete package for NTA UGC NET/JRF/SET PAPER-2 Computer Science & Applications 2. Coverage of the entire syllabus in 2 Parts 3. Inclusion of Previous Years’ Questions and 3 Model Papers 4. Main contents of the chapter are highlighted 5. Approx. 4000+ MCQs are provided to deeply understand topics TABLE OF CONTENT PART A- Introduction to Discrete Structure, Computability, Graphs & Groups, Computer Arithmetic, Programming in C, Object-Oriented Programming Concepts, Relational Database Designing & SQL, Data Structure, Network Fundamentals & Reference Models, Data Communication & Internetworking, Routing & Networking Security, Assembly Language Fundamentals & Compilation, Operating System & Memory Management, The Unix System, Software Engineering, Parallel Computing & Mobile Computing, E-Technologies, Windows Programming PART B (I)- Combinational & Sequential Circuits, Microprocessor Architecture and Programming, Database Concepts, Object-Oriented Database Management System, Introduction to Oracle, Display Systems and Input Devices, Storage Devices and Input tools, Programming Language Concepts, Classes and Inheritance, Horn Clauses and their Implementation, Program Development in Prolog, Parallelism, Coroutines and Compiler Structure, Regular Language and Finite Automata, Analog and Digital Transmission, Topologies and OSI Reference Model, Data Structure, Sorting and Searching, Object- Oriented Programming, Net Based Components, Net Based Components, Programming Techniques and Tools, Memory Management, Distributed Operating System, Introduction to Unix and Windows NT, AI Approach for Solving Problems and Automated Reasoning, Frames, Scripts and Prolog Programming, Expert System, System Approach to Planning and Decision PART B(II)- Elective I-V, Solved Papers 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022


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