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Navigating the News : A Guide to Understanding Journalism - New York Peter Lang 2020 - 256 p. PB 22x15 cm,

In an age when young people may confuse online chatter with legitimate news, Navigating the News is the first textbook designed to show students how to recognize credible reporting and how real journalists perform their jobs.
The book begins with the basics of how to critically assess news stories, then covers what to look for in everything from community news and crime reporting to business, political and investigative coverage. More than 50 professional journalists share insights on how they gather, edit and report news, and discuss what critical audiences should expect from their news coverage.
Students learn how to analyze complex topics including science, environmental and education news, and a series of chapters covers how to approach news from different parts of the world. Navigating the News is aimed at general audiences, not just journalism or communication majors.
The mission of this text is simple: If students don't recognize what real news is, Navigating the News is going to teach them.
Co-authors include: Scott Fosdick, Nisha Garud Patkar and Dona Nichols of San Jose State University, Tamara J. Welter and Michael A. Longinow of Biola University, distinguished freelance journalist Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato, Brenda Bukowa of the University of Zambia, Ed Madison of the University of Oregon, Julie Patel Liss of California State University, Los Angeles, Frank Michael Russell of California State University, Fullerton and John Shrader of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Table of Contents
Featured Profiles
Introduction: What Is News in the Digital Age? (Richard Craig)
Chapter One: How Professional News Is Created (Richard Craig)
Chapter Two: Basic Concepts for Assessing News Content (Richard Craig)
Chapter Three: Community News (Tamara J. Welter and Michael A. Longinow)
Chapter Four: Crime Reporting (Richard Craig)
Chapter Five: Education Reporting (Ed Madison)
Chapter Six: Business and Economics (Dona Nichols)
Chapter Seven: Government and Politics (Richard Craig)
Chapter Eight: Sports (John Shrader)
Chapter Nine: Entertainment (Scott Fosdick)
Chapter Ten: Environmental Journalism (Frank Michael Russell)
Chapter Eleven: Science News (Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato)
Chapter Twelve: Investigative Reporting (Julie Patel Liss)
Chapter Thirteen: News from Europe (Richard Craig)
Chapter Fourteen: News from the Middle East (Tamara J. Welter and Michael A. Longinow)
Chapter Fifteen: News from Latin America (Richard Craig)
Chapter Sixteen: News from Asia (Nisha Garud-Patkar)
Chapter Seventeen: News from Africa (Brenda Bukowa)
Chapter Eighteen: Applying News Assessment Skills (Richard Craig)
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Figure 0.1: Arizona gubernatorial candidate David Garcia is interviewed by reporters at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix.

Figure 1.1: San Francisco Chronicle news editors meeting.

Figure 2.1: View of the BBC newsroom in the Broadcasting House, London.

Figure 3.1: Reporters and camera personnel from KVUE-TV in Austin, Texas recording an interview.

Figure 4.1: Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department establish position outside of a crime scene.

Figure 5.1: High School instructor Ivan Miller participates in the University of Oregon’s Journalistic Learning Initiative.

Figure 6.1: U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke takes a reporter’s question at a press conference

Figure 6.2: Infographic: Discretionary spending funds a wide range of government programs

Figure 6.3: Infographic: Share of $4T of spending in 2017 and total nominal spending growth by 2027

Figure 7.1: U.S. President Barack Obama and King Abdullah II of Jordan make statements to the press before meeting in the Oval Office.

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Figure 8.1: San Jose Mercury News reporter Mark Purdy participates in press conference with golfer Tiger Woods.

Figure 9.1: Press photographers at For Noise music festival, Pully, Switzerland.

Figure 10.1: A crew from KPBS-TV in San Diego interviews Andy Yuen of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the finished South San Diego Bay Coastal Restoration & Enhancement Project.

Figure 11.1: PBS NewsHour producer Nsikan Akpan interviews Oliver Steeds, director of the Nekton mission deep ocean exploration project.

Figure 12.1: Reuters News Service reporter Chuck Abbott reviews a United States Department of Agriculture Survey.

Figure 12.2: Front page of the Chicago Sun-Times, November 12, 1978.

Figure 13.1: First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon addresses journalists about Brexit at Bute House in Edinburgh.

Figure 14.1: Slimane Hadj Brahim of Al Jazeera covers war devastation in Lebanon.

Figure 15.1: Senator Eduardo Amorim of Brazil is interviewed by journalists Debora Brito and Adriano Kakazu.

Figure 16.1: Anti-Japanese demonstrations in front of Japanese embassy in Beijing, China.

Figure 17.1: Journalist Arthur Sikopo interviews community members in rural Kaoma in Western Zambia.

Figure 18.1: Reporters and photographers prepare to cover a political rally for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett


Community News
Education Reporting
Environmental Journalism

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