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India and the pandemic: the first year: Essays from the India Forum - Hyderabad Orient Blackswan 2021 - xv,335p. PB 21x14cm.

Given that the novel coronavirus covid-19 has affected every single part of the world, How did India fare in coping with this health and humanitarian disaster? India and the pandemic looks back at the historical, social, cultural, economic and political aspects The outbreak. The 24 essays in this volume, written by astute political and social commentators, offer rich insights into the impact of the pandemic, and the response of state and society. Written in 2020, These incisive essays offer a real-time window into the spread of the novel coronavirus disease in India. They make for a thought-provoking read for anyone interested in what happened during the first year of the pandemic.

Faizi Ahmad, C. J. Kuncheria and C. Rammanohar Reddy

Section I—Early Stages of Covid-19 in India
1. Covid-19 in India: The Chronicle of a Pandemic Foretold
Thomas Abraham
2. Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic: Are Indians Safe?
K. Sujatha Rao

Section II—Dealing with Pandemics in India’s History
3. Covid-19 and the Spectres of Colonialism
Pratik Chakrabarti
4. Manufacturing Epidemics: Pathogens, Poverty and Public Health Crises in India
Sheetal Chhabria
5. ‘The Government Will Come to Its Senses’: Calcutta’s Workers and the Plague of 1898
Prerna Agarwal
6. Past and Present: Can India Beat Corona the Way it Beat Smallpox?
Harish Naraindas

Section III—Covid-19: The Initial Impact
7. India's Tryst with Covid-19
Vikram Patel
8. The Twin Crises of Covid-19 and How to Resolve Them
Ananda Lal Roy and Maitreesh Ghatak

Section IV—The Law, the Judiciary and Covid-19
9. Exodus Constitutionalism: Mass Migration in Covid-19 Lockdown Times
Upendra Baxi
10. Gendering the Pandemic in the Prison
Pratiksha Baxi and Navsharan Singh
11. Migrant Workers, the Lockdown and the Judiciary
Harsh Mander

Section V—The Lockdown and After
12. India’s Lockdown
Debraj Ray, S. Subramanian and Lore Vandewalle
13. Hunger Grows as India’s Lockdown Kills Jobs: Results of a Survey from 12 States
Rahul Lahoti, Amit Basole, Rosa Abraham, Surbhi Kesar and Paaritosh Nath
14. How Many Casual Workers in the Cities Have Sought To Go Home?
Nomaan Majid
15. The Gig Economy in the Pandemic: Outsourcing Risk, Privatising Gain?
Gayatri Nair

Section VI—Impact on the Economy
16. Understanding India’s Economic Slowdown: Need for Concerted Action
R. Nagaraj
17. The Unequal Effects of the Covid-19 Crisis on the Labour Market
Radhicka Kapoor
18. States’ Loss of Fiscal Autonomy in a Centralised Federal System
M. Govinda Rao
19. Knowns and Unknowns in the Covid-19–triggered Global Economic Crisis
C. P. Chandrasekhar

Section VII—Impact on Society
20. Psychosocial Challenges in the Midst of the Coronavirus
Honey Oberoi Vahali
21. A Novel Virus, a New Racial Slur
Naorem Pushparani Chanu and Gorky Chakraborty

Section VIII—The Future
22. Extreme Events in Nature: An Ecological History of the Present
Ramprasad Sengupta
23. Four Future Scenarios, or, What’s Different about the Covid-19 Crisis?
Itty Abraham
24. Seven Lessons for the Future: For the World after Covid-19
Prem Chandavarkar


Covid 19 in India
The Lockdown
Impact on the Economy
Impact on Society
The Future

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