Frederick H Sweitzer

Successful Internship Personal, professional and civic development in experiential learning - 4th ed. - Australia Cengage Learning 2014 - xxviii,436p. PB 23X16.1cm.

THE SUCCESSFUL INTERNSHIP: PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, AND CIVIC DEVELOPMENT IN EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, International Edition, offers you more than just a resource for how to find a position or how to interview. It addresses the concerns, emotions, needs, and unique personal challenges that are the essence of an internship or field experience, and focuses on the internship as a vehicle for your development as a civic professional. The authors describe in detail the path of change you'll find yourself embarking on and the challenges you'll face along the way. A four-stage model of the internship process―anticipation, exploration, competence, and culmination―places the material in a meaningful framework that lends structure to your understanding of the work you'll be doing.



371.227 / SWES

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