Farid Golnaraghi and others

Automatic Control Systems - 10th ed. - Chennai McGraw Hill education (India) Private Limited 2018 - xvii,846 p. PB 26x20 cm..

This new edition continues a tradition of excellence with:
• A greater number of solved examples
• Online labs using both LEGO MINDSTORMS® and MATLAB/SIMLab
• Enhancements to the easy-to-use MATLAB GUI software (ACSYS) to allow interface with LEGO MINDSTORMS
• A valuable introduction to the concept of Control Lab
• A logical organization, with Chapters 1 to 3 covering all background material and Chapters 4 to 11 presenting material directly related to the subject of control
• 10 online appendices, including Elementary Matrix Theory and Algebra, Control Lab, Difference Equations, and Mathematical Foundation
• A solutions manual is available to instructors
Table of Contents:
CHAPTER 1 introduction to Control Systems
CHAPTER 2 Modelling of Dynamic Systems
CHAPTER 3 Solution of Differential Equations of Dynamics Systems
CHAPTER 4 Block Diagrams and Signal-Flow Graphs
CHAPTER 5 Stability of Linear Control Systems
CHAPTER 6 Important Components of Feedback Control Systems
CHAPTER 7 Time-Domain Performance of Control Systems
CHAPTER 8 State-space Analysis and controller Design
CHAPTER 9 Root-Locus Analysis
CHAPTER 10 Frequency-Domain Analysis
CHAPTER 11 Design of Control System
Appendix A: Elementary Matrix Theory and Algebra
Appendix B: Mathematical Foundations
Appendix C: Laplace Transform Table
Appendix D: Control Lab
Appendix E: ACSYS 2013: Description of the Software
Appendix F: Properties and Construction of the Root Loci
Appendix G: General Nyquist Criterion
Appendix H: Discrete-Data Control Systems
Appendix I: Difference Equations
Appendix J: Transform Table



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