Nandan Nilekani and others

Art of Bitfulness:Keeping Calm in the Digital World - Haryana Penguin Random House Pvt.Ltd 2022 - viii,228 p. HB 24x16 cm.

What is Bitfulness?
Bitfulness is being effortlessly mindful of your technology.
In this short, practical book, Nandan Nilekani and Tanuj Bhojwani describe a framework to tune out the overwhelming noise of the internet. They empower you with tools to take back your time, attention and privacy from those who want to capture and sell it. They reveal their own personal systems, and how they stay on top of a constant flow of information. This book doesn’t believe our excessive screen time usage is a personal failing. The internet creates winner-take-all market conditions, which in turn create an attentional race to the bottom. It doesn’t have to be this way.
The book covers how we, as a collective, can take back control of our future. The authors even analyse the promise of web3 & cryptocurrencies to see where that alternative will take us.
The reason to read this book is simple: If you don’t design your technology around your life, someone else will design your life around their technology.
‘Unlike many other books written about this toxic relationship, however, this one is by two people who love technology very much and are fascinated by its power to do good-and yet, are cognizant of the ways in which technology can overwhelm us.’


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